Tips for Holiday Decorating That Won’t Damage Paint

Most homeowners can’t wait to decorate during the holiday season. With seasonal inflatables, décor, and endless arrays of brilliant lights, the feelings that come with finally decorating your home for Christmas are joyous and merry.

However, there are times where your home’s walls might not share the same sentiment. With the lasting and less than ideal effects of duct tape, the innocent notion of hanging a cheerful decoration can damage surfaces.

Luckily, here’s an opportunity to explore tips for holiday decorating that won’t damage paint.

Decorative Tape

Decorative tape is beneficial when looking to hang lightweight décor like festive cards and photos. You can use decorative washi tape or delicate surface tape to avoid damaging your home’s interior trim during the holidays.

Over-the-Door Hangers

When displaying a wreath, festive tapestry, or advent calendar, consider showcasing décor using a wreath hanger or over-the-door hanger. These options are removable and work to prevent as much damage as possible to your paint.

Remember to consider the hanger’s thickness, as it can create functional issues when opening and closing your interior door.

Hanging a Clothesline

If hooks and nail holes don’t appeal to you or your residence’s interior walls, consider hanging a clothesline of twine or ribbon to display those festive cards and stockings.

This option is available in many craft stores and even comes in various seasonal patterns to fit your décor. You can also incorporate the use of fun clothespins to complete the look.

Removable Adhesive Hooks

Removable adhesives are holiday decorating essentials that continue to assist homeowners when looking for safe methods to display décor. These hooks are affordable, easy to apply to the surface, and quick to remove without leaving traces of goo or stickiness on your wall paint.

Adhesive hooks work stupendously on most surfaces, so you can hang your stockings and wreaths without the need for drilling.

There’s no need to dread the effects of decorating at the end of the season. These holiday decorating tips won’t damage paint or surfaces within your home so that you can display your favorite seasonal décor worry-free.

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