Choosing Paint Colors for Your Restaurant

Along with ideal textures, lighting, and other features, the right color can create an inviting atmosphere for customers to feel comfortable in an eatery. Interior designers go as far as to recommend specific colors to business owners that can help their business aesthetic to attract and keep guests’ business.

Here are some essential facts to remember when choosing paint colors for your restaurant:


A passionate and energetic color, this shade is an attention grabber. Red can also stimulate the appetite, which can influence guests to eat more.

Orange and Yellow

Orange and yellow are bright, cheery colors that keep the energy alive. These shades do well in fast food restaurants, cafes, and ice creams shops since these locations encourage a faster-paced visit instead of lingering around.


Green hues in a restaurant bring a fresh aura to the space since the shades are associated with light, healthy food. Bright, vibrant greens can also work as a fantastic accent throughout the restaurant to focus on the fresh angle.


Pink is a calming color that is often associated with romance and sensitivity. Bakeries and cafés are fantastic candidates that can make use of this playful hue.

Grey and Beige

Greys and beiges are solid, dependable, neutral hues that exude sophistication and maturity. These soft hues are versatile and give guests a relaxed, unhurried emotion that encourages them to stay awhile.


Like green, brown represents earthiness and nature. A warming hue, brown works incredibly well in coffee shops, bakeries, or anywhere that chocolate and baked goods are the norm.


White is a shade that often represents cleanliness, innocence, and peace. Many health food eateries choose a white background to make the space seem larger and brighten up the area. White walls can be easy to decorate with pops of color and art.


Considered the most popular color globally, blue complements coffee shops and bars, as some experts say that it can influence one’s thirst. Blue is also a standard color seen in seafood restaurants to emulate the ocean.

Choosing paint colors for your restaurant is a step that requires meticulous decision-making. The shade –or shades—you choose will not only set the tone of your business but can encourage guest interaction. Remember that you don’t have to do the job on your own. Here at Ashford Painting, our experts specialize in commercial painting in Atlanta, Georgia, to deliver results that exceed expectations.

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