Ashford Painting FAQs

At Ashford Painting, we are focused on building long-term customer relationships and providing an excellent painting experience. To help our customers get started, we have complied a list of some commonly asked questions and answers about the painting process. 

before after interior painting

Yes, we are a licensed general contractor in the state of Georgia and Ashford Painting is insured. 

Once we receive customer approval on our quote and final color selections are made, we can start within one to two weeks, weather permitting. 

Yes, you do not need to be present while we are painting. We will work with you to make sure we are able to access your property and we will accommodate your schedule and needs. We have even painted for customers who are on vacation and they are able to return to a freshly painted home! 

We accept checkscash, credit cards (with a 3% processing fee) and low interest financing options are available. 

We will make every effort to protect your landscaping. Access to difficult painting surfaces may require ladders to be maneuvered on grassy areas or flower bedsPlease let our project managers know if you have any specific areas of concern before we start the project.  


  • Select your paint colors. 
  • Make sure all shrubs and trees are cut back from house surfaces being painted.   
  • Move any cars, campers, boats, etc. away from your house.   
  • Make sure all windows are tightly shut prior to pressure washing.   
  • Receive HOA approval for paint colors if required.   



  • Select your paint colors. 
  • Remove small and breakable items such as pictures, curtains, dishes, figurines off of walls, cabinets, shelves, windows and mantles.   
  • Unless agreed otherwise, we will move and protect furniture and fixtures.  

During the process of painting, we may find dry rotted wood on your home. If we do, we will point it out to you and recommend the best way to proceed. Our painting crews are usually able to make repairs, but we will refer you to a carpenter if needed.  

The timing depends on the condition of your paint surfaces, type of work required, size of the project and weather conditions. Once our team has assessed your needs, we will let you know how much time we think will be required to complete your project.  

All paints, varnishes, and solvents contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Exposure to VOCs can trigger asthma attacks, respiratory problems, eye irritation, nausea, or dizziness. Because of these health concerns, a number of paint manufacturers have introduced Low or 0 VOC paint alternatives. We are happy to provide Low VOC or 0 VOC options for your project.