The Best Paint Colors for an Open Floor Plan

Floor plans that favor space and natural area flows are becoming more popular amongst preferred home designs. The openness and vast space allows for creative furniture placement and increased ability to host larger social events. But when dealing with such a spacious design, there are paint ideas that can give the illusion of additional space or help focus on particular areas in the room.

Here are a few of the best paint colors for an open floor plan that can prove helpful to your painting adventures.


A wash of white paint on your walls is a blank canvas that can work well on its own to brighten a room. Using the hue from top to bottom is a technique that can help an area feel even more spacious. The neutral color can offset bright-colored furniture for balanced pops of color that make for a fantastic visual.

Café Au Lait

A rich hybrid between beige and tan, this paint color provides subtlety while acting as a solid neutral base when using a tone-on-tone interior design. This hue invites warmth and brightness to make any area feel comfortable. This rich tan hue can also serve as a transition color that connects two spaces.


Silvers and grays are lovely choices in that they work similarly to white shades. They are as neutral as you can get with paint and work well with open areas while all furniture is present. While working with spacious rooms void of wall separation, chances are all furnishings are visible.

Silver is a paint color that provides a wash of tint yet ties together a room filled with furniture of many patterns and textures.

Deep Blue

If an open floor plan appears overwhelming, consider using paint to trick the eye into thinking the room looks smaller. A nautical navy blue is a fantastic hue that darkens the area and makes it seem cozier.

Deep Dark Red

A deep, dark red hue not only works as a single shade option but works as a beautiful accent hue to highlight features within the open floor plan like a fireplace or entertainment area. Maroon and burgundy shades offer vibrance and absorb light in a room.

Choosing the best paint colors for an open floor plan can put you a step closer to a more perfect and stylish look for your property.

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