Why To Consider Painting Walls and Trim the Same Color

Some home and business owners may find themselves questioning whether it would be a great idea to use the same shade to coat a room from wall to trim. Often, you’ll purchase different hues to allow each paint color to shine, thinking that the use of one color throughout will appear too monochromatic. But we’re here to suggest otherwise! Here are the reasons why you should consider painting walls and trim the same color in your next project.

One Dominant Color Provides an Elegant Color Palette

A single, dominant color in a room exudes elegance and sophistication. The technique will allow the eye to take in a wall’s entirety without any stopping point or harsh lines.

Gives the Room an Illusion of Height

Painting every room element in the same shade can provide a subtle yet innovative optical illusion famous in interior design.

Easier Touch Ups

One color equals less paint required for the initial job and future touch-ups! You won’t have to worry about redecorating stressors or investing in more paint, which makes renovating more affordable in the long run.

You Can Hide Trim Styles and Features That Don’t Fit the Aesthetic

If modern styles are more up your alley, the presence of a complex trim feature can deter from a sleek appearance. By using the same hue from your walls on the trim, you can camouflage the style and border detail.

Gives the Impression of a Larger Space

A fantastic tip for small rooms, coating a room’s walls and molding the same shade can make an area appear and feel larger.

Creates a Cohesive, Harmonious Space

Window trim, baseboards, and walls painted in the same shade give a space a seamless appearance without disturbing the unison.

When considering painting walls and trim the same color, we encourage you to take this advice as inspiration. While you’re in planning mode, we also encourage you to consider Ashford Painting as a trustworthy partner in your painting projects. We have interior painting contractors in Atlanta that take pride in providing quality services that correlate with your residential and office upgrades. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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