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4 Factors That Affect Your Home’s Curb Appeal

4 Factors That Affect Your Home’s Curb Appeal

There may come a day when you are ready to sell your home, but you should consider enhancing its curb appeal first. Read below to learn four factors that affect your home’s curb appeal so you can sell your home quickly and for the right price.

What Is Curb Appeal?

You might be asking yourself what curb appeal means. People use this term to describe how attractive a property looks from the street. Realtors often use the term when judging a property or selling it.

Your Home’s Exterior

One factor that can affect your home’s curb appeal is its exterior. If a homebuyer looks at the exterior of your home and sees chipped paint and damaged siding, they may walk away with a bad impression.

You can avoid bad impressions by adding fresh paint to your home’s exterior. It will enhance the look of your house’s paint job and diminish the appearance of scuffs and cracks in your siding. Your home will look more appealing, and buyers will be more interested in purchasing it.

The Front Door

Another part of your home that can impact its curb appeal is the front door, which is one of the first things people notice before entering your home. Your door has likely experienced some wear and tear over the years, thanks to nature and regular use.

Enhance your front door by cleaning it well and repainting it with a new color to win over potential homebuyers. You can take it a step further by adding accessories and hardware, such as a seasonal wreath or a new doorknob.

Your Windows

Your home’s windows can also impact curb appeal, as they add detail and give people a view into your residence. If you want to attract buyers, consider cleaning the windows and repainting the frames to catch the eyes of potential buyers.

Another option is to install new windows that will revamp your home’s appearance. Consider painting them with colors that reflect modern trends to make your house even more appealing.

Your Garage Door

Your garage door can greatly impact your home’s curb appeal. If your garage door no longer operates, now is a good time for a replacement. If it works well, then consider applying a new finish. Paint it a color that matches the siding, shutters, or trim.

If you need professional exterior painting in Atlanta, GA to boost your home’s curb appeal, contact Ashford Painting. We have years of experience in this industry and can provide exceptional service and craftsmanship to enhance your home!

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The Effect of Warm Weather on Exterior Paint

The Effect of Warm Weather on Exterior Paint

A summer day may seem like the perfect time to paint your home’s exterior, especially with the sun shining, warm temperatures, and no sign of precipitation in the sky. However, too much heat and humidity cause numerous issues, affecting the quality of a paint job. The ideal painting conditions range between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Just as you would avoid painting in freezing temperatures, you also want to steer clear of painting in intense high temperatures. Here are some of the effects of warm weather on exterior paint.

Water to Solvent Ratio

With heat often comes humidity. In warm, humid climates, houses begin to sweat from the moisture lingering on their surfaces. When painting in such weather conditions, the water perspiring from the humidity onto the walls blends with the paint solution. Since paint consists of a chemical mixture consisting of part water and part solvent, the added water causes an imbalance in the paint mixture’s ratio, affecting its quality. Watered-down paints contain less pigment and increase the chances of streaks. Plus, moisture also affects the paint properties within the solution, such as waterproofing additives and specialized sealants.

Cures and Adhesions

Low humidity and high heat levels also affect an exterior paint job. In high temperatures, paint dries faster. Although sped-up drying times sound like an advantage, it actually has negative repercussions. The faster the paint dries, the less effective the binders, cures, and pigments react and interlock. It increases future peeling and cracks and dulls the paint’s color. Usually, the wait time for the paint to dry allows the chemicals in the paint to react and settle. If they dry too fast, the paint doesn’t get a chance to situate and undergo its necessary chemical reactions properly.

Paint Lap Marks

Paint lap marks occur for numerous reasons, from improper paint application to poor paint quality. It also commonly occurs when you paint in warm weather. Paint laps refer to the discoloration and lack of sheen on a paint job. These marks occur when wet and dry paint layers overlap and dry quickly during application. They leave streaks and unleveled surface marking, affecting the appeal of your home’s exteriors.

Painting in warm weather affects thequality of the paint and the final product, leaving exteriors with streaks, dull colors, and bumps. Working with professionals and experts to paint your home’s exterior minimizes the risk of paint jobs going wrong. Ashford Painting offers professional exterior painting in Atlanta, providing you with experienced painters who ensure your home get’s painted in the best conditions to produce the best results.

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Always In Style: Timeless Paint Colors for Your Home

Always In Style: Timeless Paint Colors for Your Home

When you’re brightening up a space, paint is your go-to solution. A couple of layers of a fresh hue will make your home’s walls look bright and new. As you move forward in your paint-picking process, think about what shades will open and brighten the room you’re painting. You want it to look great, so picking the right color and hue is important.

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How To Coordinate Interior and Exterior Paint Colors

How To Coordinate Interior and Exterior Paint Colors

When painting your dwelling, some designers suggest a home’s exterior coordinate with the interior to avoid a disconnect when stepping foot inside. However, that doesn’t mean you should drive yourself insane, making sure everything matches each other either. In this article, you’ll learn how to coordinate interior and exterior paint colors to create smooth transitions that appeal to the eye.

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