How Cold Weather Affects Exterior Paint Jobs

Despite the lack of snow in the Atlanta, GA area, the winter season still ranks as a favorite to many homeowners. However, the frosty holidays tend to divide people into two groups: those who enjoy the brisk, cold wind and those who run indoors to take shelter by the warm, toasty fireplace.

No matter the region you call home, one thing is for sure, and it’s how cold weather affects exterior jobs. Even the most beautiful color treatments suffer due to the snow, ice, sleet, and bitter cold the season has to bring.


No matter the amount of snowfall, when snowflakes accumulate across your property’s exterior, it can lead to the appearance of filthy siding. This less-than-desirable look can result in staining, further giving your home a murky aesthetic that can negatively impact curb appeal.

Peeling, Chipping, or Cracking

The changing weather elements significantly impact the expansion and contraction of exterior paint. Acting as a barrier, your home’s exterior paint does its best to withstand the outside elements. However, the constant fluctuations in temperature can cause the paint to crack, chip, or peel.

Materials underneath the paint also expand and contract, so the surface and color bond weakens, resulting in flaking or bubbling. This reaction can allow more moisture to invade spaces in between the paint and outer surfaces of your home, worsening any damage present.


The frigid temperatures of the wintry season can alter your property’s exterior paint shade. Darker paint hues can transform into frostier or whiter shades of their original appearance. On a more positive note, the altering is a temporary effect that goes away once bitter cold weather conditions pass once you power-wash the walls.

Your home’s exterior isn’t as lucky as you are to run inside for warmth, as it stands as the first defense against the forces of winter. Between frigid rain, snow and ice, cold weather can affect exterior paint jobs.

Luckily, Ashford Painting can help you combat the damaging effects of the season on your home’s exterior. Our knowledgeable professionals offer a high-quality exterior painting in Atlanta, using only the best material to improve the appearance of your property.

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