How To Choose The Best Paint Color for Your Retail Store

Whether you sell boutique clothing in a shopping mall or run a grocery store in a busy downtown neighborhood, knowing how to choose the best paint color for your retail store is important if you want to attract customers. Make yourself visible and bring in clientele who will be interested in your products when you properly brand your shop. All you need are the right paint colors inside and out.

Use Brand Logo Colors

When considering what colors to use in your retail shop, begin with the colors in your company logo. Using your brand logo as a theme for your shop will give your customers something to associate your business with when they arrive. Think about some of your favorite brands and how they design their stores. Best Buy, Target, and IKEA are some of the retailers that do it best by using paint colors on the inside and outside of their stores that match their logos. You can create an experience for the customer from the moment they arrive in the parking lot.

Draw on the Emotional Power of Colors

You can be strategic with your color choice by doing market research and determining the audience that will most likely come to your store. With this information, try to create the most inviting atmosphere possible for your target demographic. You can evoke an emotion that you would like your clients to feel or which you know they expect to feel when they enter your store.

Highlight Your Products

Regardless of your brand colors, you do not want the paint colors to overpower your product. Use neutrals and muted shades to help your product stand out—especially if you are selling something that needs help looking exceptional on the shelf. Consider how certain paint colors make customers think about your brand. Some colors evoke emotions and associations including:

  • Green: energy, freshness, healing
  • Yellow: joy, creativity, stimulation
  • Black: elegance, power, formal
  • Red: passion, strength, excitement
  • Blue: tranquility, stability, security

The color you choose for your business should represent your brand and its values. In addition to knowing how to choose the best paint color for your retail store, you should also have a professional help you. Put your best foot forward for your customers and hire the experts at Ashford Painting. We offer premier commercial painting in Atlanta, GA. Visit our website to request a free quote today.

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