Exterior Paint Colors That Boost Curb Appeal

If you want to remodel the exterior of your home, you may already have a paint color in mind. Even if you know you want to use bold blue paint or neutral tones to match your neighbors, you should follow these expert exterior house painting tips. It’s not just about choosing exterior paint colors that boost curb appeal. You also want to get the accents right. Find out which colors go with which hues.

Blue Exterior Paint

Blue is the boldest color you can choose for your exterior since the shade isn’t naturally found in nature. Go for light, grayish shades or a deep navy color. Blue promotes calmness more than any other color and can help you feel at peace from the moment you arrive in your driveway. Any shade of blue pairs well with off-white or gray trim.

Pro Tip: Bold colors such as red, orange, and even pink go well with blue. You can paint a door, windowsill, or porch in a vibrant shade that compliments your chosen blue.

Sage Exterior Paint

Embrace the landscape around you with shades of green and other natural colors. Sage, or a shade-like moss, pairs well with brown, white, and other neutral colors found in nature. Your main color will act as both a neutral and a prime color; choosing a natural shade helps your home blend into its surroundings and avoids a caricatured appearance.

Pro Tip: Use darker shades of green or sage if your home is in an established neighborhood.

Red Exterior Paint

Nothing stands out like a red house. The striking color will draw the attention of everyone on your street and possibly your neighborhood. Choose a deep, solid red that borders on maroon. This bright color pairs well with neutrals such as gray, black, and white. With a red house, you could even enjoy embracing a charming farmhouse aesthetic if you wanted to.

Pro Tip: Check with your homeowners’ association (HOA) before painting your house a bold color. Some neighborhoods don’t allow certain shades.

White and Black Exterior Paint

If you like the appearance of traditional houses, paint your home white and use black accents. Your home will have classic, clean lines and a timeless appearance that any appraiser would approve of. Use white or off-white paint for the main exterior, and paint the doors, windowsills, or shutters black. You can bring in color and personality with your garden and other yard decorations, which can be changed and easily customized every year.

Pro Tip: White houses are easy to clean if you choose the right finish!

Neutral Exterior Paint Colors

The most popular exterior paint colors that boost curb appeal are the neutral colors. Warm taupe, cream, and gray are timeless and found on homes throughout the country whether they’re part of an HOA or not. Brick, siding, and painted homes use this color scheme to increase their market value. Homes with neutral color palettes blend into their surroundings and are also easier to keep clean.

Pro Tip: You can bring in a pop of color to your neutral home by painting the door, shutters, or roof a vibrant shade.

When it comes to exterior paint colors that boost curb appeal, listen to the experts and stick to what sells. Contact Ashford Painting for tips on how to design the exterior of your house. Our professionals provide residential painting in Atlanta, GA.