How To Get Your Paint Color Approved by Your HOA

If you bought a house in a neighborhood under the management of a homeowner’s association (HOA), you’ve probably noticed that there are some benefits and drawbacks. An HOA is an organization that oversees a condominium, subdivision, or other planned community. HOAs enforce rules and regulations for the property and its residents—for a fee. While an HOA can be helpful, you may run into roadblocks when attempting home improvement projects. Find out how to get your paint color approved by your HOA.

Contact Your HOA About Painting Your Home

If you live in a neighborhood managed by an HOA, the first step you should take before deciding on an exterior paint color is to check with the management office. Don’t rely on the documents you received when you moved in, as they could be outdated. Call or stop by to ask about the approval process and find out if you need to fill out any forms. You should ask about the average time for approval since some HOAs can take days or weeks to approve home improvement projects, even if you just want to paint a door or the roof.

Pro Tip: Some neighborhoods require that you repaint your home every five to seven years! If you must repaint periodically, you may have to wait until your home is on the schedule.

Check Out the Neighborhood for Paint Ideas

Once it is time to decide on a color, look around your neighborhood to determine which one will fit in best. Even if you are working off an approved list of colors, you will want to take stock of the houses next to yours in case your HOA does not allow you to paint your home the same shade. If you have complete freedom to choose the paint color of your dreams, talk to your neighbors about how they made their decisions. The best exterior paint colors will stand out against the houses around it while blending into the neighborhood.

Pro Tip: If you’ve fallen in love with a shade that isn’t on your HOA’s list of approved paint colors, don’t be afraid to make a convincing case to the neighborhood manager for why you think the color works well with the aesthetic.

Hire a Painting Company

Whether you’ve already got a paint color in mind or still need guidance, you’ll want to contact a professional painting company to take care of your exterior home improvement projects. If you live in a neighborhood that values your home’s appearance, it is especially imperative that you hire a crew to make your exterior look top-notch. Many painting companies have pre-approved HOA colors and color consultants to guide you.

The painting contractors at Ashford Painting know how to get your paint color approved by your HOA. Our professionals offer exterior painting in Atlanta, GA, and can guide you through the process of sprucing up your home.