Tips for Picking Kitchen Paint Colors

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting project that you’ve been dying to begin. With all the time you spend in your kitchen cooking and cleaning, you want it to look amazing. Follow these tips for picking kitchen paint colors to find out which color you should paint this important area.

Stay Neutral

White and Ivory Paint

The quickest way to brighten up your kitchen is with light paint colors, such as white. White and ivory are calming in busy rooms. You can easily add pops of color to a white room, and the neutral palette will likely flow with your space.

Gray Paint

Known as the new neutral for interior spaces, gray creates a feeling of calm in rooms that receive a lot of traffic, such as the kitchen. Gray may flow with your aesthetic better than lighter shades. You can still match accent colors, such as blue and yellow, with shades of gray.

Go Bold

Yellow Paint

If you want your kitchen to bring you instant joy, choose yellow paint. Yellow is colorful and bright. The playful and warm hue is reminiscent of the sun and nature. In addition to gray, it also looks good with green and other colors found in nature.

Red Paint

Red paint is popular in kitchens because it stimulates the appetite (which is also why it is used in advertising for so many restaurants). Typically, deeper reds are preferred in interior design. You can use shades of red as your main or accent paint color. Try using it on your cabinets or backsplash.

Blue Paint

Dark, navy blues are most popular in kitchens today. When paired with white accents, you can create a coastal theme reminiscent of the ocean. Using other shades of blue will still give off a sophisticated appearance that will make your kitchen one of the best rooms in your house.

Green Paint

Choose to paint your kitchen green if you want to add an organic vibe to your space. Especially when paired with other natural materials, such as wood panels or bamboo cutting boards, your green kitchen will look like a forested cooking oasis. When choosing paint samples, experiment with shades such as mint or sage.

Follow these tips for picking kitchen paint colors, and you’ll end up with a magazine-worthy kitchen. Painting a kitchen can be difficult due to all the unique spaces you have to reach. Hiring a professional to get the job done right will ensure that your kitchen looks amazing. The experts at Ashford Painting are your premier interior paint contractors in Atlanta, GA. Contact us to find out how our professionals can help you through the entire process of painting your kitchen.