Choosing the Best House and Roof Color Combination

Updating the exterior of your home comes with many options these days. As you look around your neighborhood, you’ve probably noticed that people are bringing back everything from stone exteriors to vertical siding and stained glass. Choosing the best exterior home color combinations is a challenge, whether you are beginning with your roof, your siding, or starting over from scratch with your entire exterior. Keep reading for tips and tricks for coordinating your home’s exterior design features.

Go Dramatic

If you want your house to make a statement, you can coordinate the colors on your home to create contrast. Make your siding stand out from your roof by using shades that complement each other. Some of the best exterior home color combinations are:

  • Black and white
  • Gray and blue
  • Charcoal and red

Pro Tip: Bright and bold may not be the best exterior design choices for your home. You can create visual drama in other ways! Choose shades that pair well with your existing neighborhood or nature.

Be Subtle

Allow your home to blend into its surroundings by choosing exterior design colors that pair well together. You can create a seamless transition between your roof and siding with tones that complement one another. Look at a color wheel and choose your favorite complementary, triadic, or analogous hues. Common examples of color combinations for subtle exterior home design include:

  • White and forest green
  • Farmhouse red and forest green
  • Apricot and grey

Play With Accents

In addition to the main features of your home, pay attention to the accent décor and coordinate it to match your house as well. Coordinate your trim color with your roofing to help tie your colors together. Create a more cohesive look and break up colors on bold homes with the right accent colors. Try breaking up dramatic color combinations with trims in neutral colors like white, beige, or black.

Choosing Dark vs. Light-Colored Roofs

You will have several options when picking out colors for your roof, but what you will notice most is that they are either light or dark-colored. Light-colored roofs are better for homes in warmer climates because they reflect light, allowing you to optimize your air conditioner. On the other hand, if you want to keep heat trapped inside your home during the cold months, you’ll want to choose a dark-colored roof because they absorb heat better. You may even be able to decrease your energy bill with a darker roof.

Choosing the best house and roof color combination requires some forethought. If you are still unsure which exterior home color combination is right for you, contact the experts at Ashford Painting. Our licensed and insured team of professional painters has a passion for accuracy and quality. Our services include exterior paint in Atlanta, GA. Contact us for a free quote on your exterior remodeling project.

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