Best Paint Colors for Your Classroom Walls

Getting students of any age to pay attention in school requires a synergy of good teaching and a productive environment. Schools can do a lot to set their students up for success—one commonly overlooked detail, however, is the design of the school. If your school still has all-white paint in each classroom, it’s time for you to consider the best paint colors for your classroom walls. Keep reading for reasons why you should upgrade the interior design of your school.

Encourage With Blue

Include shades of blue in your classroom to help your students stay relaxed and focused. Blue helps with productivity and feelings of calm. Furthermore, the color can improve cognitive function and is ideal for environments where people are engaging in intellectual activity.

Hold Attention With Yellow

Yellow not only promotes positivity but is also attention-grabbing. While you don’t want to overdo it, you can use touches of yellow where you want to draw attention. Include splashes of yellow to brighten up certain spots of your classroom.

Calm Down With Purple

Purple is a calming tone like blue. It’s useful in rooms that tend to get overwhelmed with too much stimulation. Colors like blue and purple go together and work especially well in classrooms designed for younger students, such as kindergarteners.

Create With Red

Having red in a classroom can excite and energize your students. The color red encourages creativity and collaboration. You can use warm tones like this one to help kids focus.

Accenting With White

While many schools stick to white walls, the color can be especially harsh on the eyes of young kids. Try to avoid plain white and choose an off-white color such as taupe. You can also use white as an accent color rather than painting entire walls with it.

Choosing the best paint colors for your classroom walls can be challenging if you’re working with a budget and a school board full of people with different opinions. One thing no one will argue with is that you could hire one of the best painting companies in Atlanta, GA, to get the job done right. Contact Ashford Painting to work with our fully licensed and insured painting contractors.

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