Why You Should Consider Painting Your House in the Fall

When people are deciding when to complete outdoor projects, they typically choose the spring and summer. However, some tasks like exterior painting on your home are better saved for the fall. Here’s why you should consider painting your house in the fall instead of earlier in the year.

More Consistent Temperatures

The most important thing to consider when you’re choosing when to paint your house is what the weather will be like. When the temperature outside changes drastically between night and day, it means your paint may not dry evenly, creating problems down the road. During the fall, temperatures tend to be more consistent between day and night, making it an ideal season for painting.

Lower Humidity

Another reason you should consider painting your house in the fall is that there tends to be less moisture in the air. Too much humidity can also ruin your paint job, making it more likely that you’ll have to do things over again in the near future. No matter what, always make sure your home’s exterior is completely dry before painting.

Affordable Pricing

Because so many people do their house painting in the spring and summer, there’s less demand for professional painters in the fall. This means that many companies will offer you a better price, making it well worth the wait.

Easier Scheduling

The lower demand for professional painters in the fall also has other benefits. Since painting companies have fewer jobs, it’s much easier to schedule your house painting. You no longer have to work so hard to balance scheduling with the weather.

In fact, if you do need to cancel because of the weather, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to reschedule soon as opposed to weeks or months later. When you live in a region with a short fall season, this is important so you don’t end up missing the only window of opportunity available until spring.

Always Hire a Professional

Whether you’re updating your home’s exterior for the market or your own enjoyment, it’s important to hire a professional who will do the job right the first time. If you’re in need of professional exterior painting in the Atlanta area, call Ashford Painting. We are experienced interior and exterior painters who would love to help you with your next home upgrade project.

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