How Commercial Paint Colors Differ From Residential

If you’re looking to repaint your office, school, or store, it may be tempting to buy the paint yourself and hire the cheapest contractor you can find. However, there are many downsides to doing this, especially because most people don’t understand how different kinds of paints work. Here’s how commercial paint colors differ from residential.

Commercial Paint Benefits at a Glance

  • Easier to clean
  • Uses fewer coats
  • Doesn’t need special application
  • Lasts longer
  • More forgiving

Better Coverage

When professional painters talk about coverage, what they’re referencing is how well a paint shows or hides mistakes and imperfections. Higher-grade commercial paints have excellent coverage and are better at masking slight imperfections than their residential counterparts.

Flexible Application

Because commercial paints have better coverage, you can apply them in a variety of ways, and they will still look good. This is important when you’re painting large buildings that may have small areas that would be hard to reach with a spray applicator. If your contractors need to use brushes and rollers in certain areas, they will work just fine.

Fewer Coats Needed

Another way that commercial paint colors differ from residential paints is in thickness. Commercial paints are typically thicker than residential-grade paints, which helps lower the cost of commercial paint jobs. If you need more than one coat of paint, you’ll have to pay for additional labor, which often costs more than the paint. Thicker paints are less likely to need a second coat as long as the color underneath is not too different.

Easy Cleaning

Manufacturers of commercial paints understand that their paints will go on buildings that see a lot of daily use, much more than a single-family home. This means that the paint needs to be able to withstand scrapes and bumps without instantly needing a touch-up. Commercial paints are the better option because they hold up better and they’re easier to clean when scuffed.

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