Modern Paint Colors To Consider for Your Bathroom

Choosing paint colors for your bathroom isn’t easy. Since every bathroom is different, you must carefully consider things like lighting, the color of your fixtures and hardware, and the flooring in order to find the perfect shade. Consider these modern paint colors for your bathroom as you plan your design.

Soft White

White is a very popular color for bathrooms because it matches most sinks, tubs, and toilets—many of those are white to make it easier to tell when they need cleaning. Just because a white shade makes a bathroom feel clean doesn’t mean it will make your bathroom feel like a sterile lab; by adding in plants and soft textures, white can feel very welcoming.

Pastel Pink

Pinks in the salmon and blush range are becoming increasingly popular. Choose a warmer tone and retro gold hardware for that mid-century modern look. Alternatively, choose a cooler shade and pair it with black wrought iron for a vintage Parisian chic aesthetic.

Lilac Purple

Of all the pastels, lilac is the softest when it comes to room ambience. If you need your bathroom to be a place to relax after a long day, lilac can help create the right mood. Lilac looks best with white or light-colored cabinets and can easily blend with French country design schemes.

Eucalyptus Green

Probably the most popular shade of green right now is eucalyptus. The real plant has a soft, pastel green color and a delightful smell that makes it the perfect reference for a bathroom. Decorate with amber glassware, subway tiles, and gold hardware for a modern minimalist look.

Soft Gray

Gray is a wonderful neutral that provides contrast with other neutrals—such as white doors and moldings—without distracting the eye. Choose a lighter gray to avoid darkening your bathroom, and be sure to install LED bulbs to replace any incandescent lights, as gray can start to look greenish under dull, warm light.

We hope this list of modern paint colors to consider for your bathroom gives you the inspiration you need to finish your bathroom design. Once you’re ready to start, contact Ashford Painting for a residential painter in Atlanta—we’ve been in the business for over a decade and would love to make your home design ideas a reality.

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