Top Modern Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

Victorian homes display colorful paint palettes; colonial cottages stick to brick and white, and modern dwellings flaunt a mix of earthy and sleek tones. Modern homes add another staple look to the list of architectural and interior styles to explore. They embody the current world’s intertwining of nature and technology, creating looks that feature natural and futuristic elements. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home to the latest trends or want to give your exterior a modern design, here is a simple guide to top modern exterior paint colors for your home.


Modern aesthetics feature polished, clean, and minimalistic atmospheres. Adding gray to your home’s exterior mirrors those sleek and orderly ideals. Grays also provide muted pigments while still drawing attention with deep tones that contrast with the blues in the sky and the greens in the grass. Gray’s popularity in modern looks not only derives from its refined appearance but also alludes to nature by mimicking the color of rocks, stones, and pebbles.


For a long time, painting anything black was taboo and risky. Like most modern influences, modern architecture and interior designs demolish the taboo and bring black into the mix. Black exteriors create bold and elegant looks. They pair well with wood, stone, and white accents, allowing people to further tap into the modern philosophy of fusing earthy attributes with the refinement of industrialized aesthetics. Charcoal is a popular shade of black that people opt for due to its more muted and less stark appearance compared to other shades.


Olive exteriors have become more popular throughout the years. This shade of green offers people a more colorful paint choice within the modern color palette. It exudes deep, muted, classy, and earthy tones, matching the ambiance of contemporary styles. Olive paints lean toward darker shades or feature gray undertones to avoid creating overly colorful looks like in Victorian homes. Olive paint in darker tones or with gray undertones creates an appealing, non-disruptive look.


Taupe consists of gray and brown hues, providing a nice balance of warm and cool colors. Similar to gray and olive, taupe exteriors add a little bit of color into the mix and hint at earthy features by paying tribute to the look of rocks and stones. They work well with various other exterior characteristics, including stone and wood paneling, white and black trims, warm-toned accents, and numerous dark roof colors.

Each of the top modern exterior paint colors for your home showcases a blend of human and natural influences found in modern society. Many modernized exteriors include more than one color, so consider working with a two-toned palette and varying textures. Ashford Painting offers exterior painters in Atlanta, GA, who can help you achieve your modern exterior goals.

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