Coordinating Paint and Decorations in Your Office

Have you ever walked into a room and been instantly impressed by the aesthetics and ambience? Creating cohesiveness in your room designs, from the wall colors to the furnishings, completes the look and feel of a room. It eliminates possible clashes, avoids cluttered appearances, and gives the space a signature feature. Here are some tips on coordinating paint and decorations in your office to create that cohesive aesthetic.


A neutral color palette is easy to coordinate with several different room features. From generic whites and grays to soft earth tones, neutrals offer muted wall colors that set the foundation for the room’s ambience. They work with an array of décor and furnishings by complementing a room’s features rather than bringing too much attention to themselves. Matching your neutral walls with furnishings carrying the same muted tones achieves a modern aesthetic. You can also pair your walls with wooden furniture and other earthy materials for a more natural and bohemian appearance.


Like neutrals, pastels create a more mellow appearance, complementing numerous designs and décor with soft colors. However, they offer a greater variety of hues and exude a touch of playfulness. White accents can help the pastels stand out. Choose white versions of the larger furniture items in your office, such as the desk, bookcase, or seating arrangements, to create cohesiveness between the walls and décor. All pastel colors work well with one another, even if they aren’t complementary colors. The softness of their pigments makes it easier for them to blend into an appealing visual.

Pops of Bright Color

Pops of bright color can create statement walls, instantly drawing your eyes to the bold display. While pastels and neutrals create a calm, simple environment, bright colors add a lot of energy and creativity to a space. Fill the office with neutral-colored furniture to make that bright wall the main feature, and add one or two accent items that match the wall color to pull the look together. Incorporate patterns and textures for a wholly unique office if you love color and want more than just a statement piece.

Warm and Cool Tones

Warm and cool tones can create two drastically different atmospheres. Cooler tones, such as blues and greens, create serene spaces and pair well with white furniture and dark woods. Warm tones, meanwhile, produce bright and energetic rooms. Cool and warm-toned colors also complement one another on the color wheel, so you can mix and match them based on your office’s style.

When coordinating paint and decorations in your office, consider those who will work in the space. The colors, adornments, and furnishings you choose should be items and shades that the occupant will feel comfortable with, especially if they spend many hours there. Choose Ashford Painting, one of the top commercial painting companies in Atlanta, GA, to help you achieve a complete space for everyone in the office to enjoy.

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