4 Colors Every Primary Bedroom Should Have

Choosing a new paint scheme for your main bedroom can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. There are many colors that look good in every home, no matter the style or layout. Check out these four colors every primary bedroom should have.

Eggshell White

Eggshell has been a favorite for a long time because of its versatility. It’s also not quite as bright as true white, so it’s much easier on the eyes. White is a good color to have in any room because it reflects light and makes rooms seem much larger and brighter.

True White

True white is a color we like to use on trim and doorways rather than the walls. Very white walls can end up being too reflective, creating a blinding glare when sunlight pours into the room. However, on trim and doors, true white makes spaces look bigger. It also doesn’t show dust as much as other trim colors.

Navy Blue

Psychologists have known for quite some time that blue tends to make people feel relaxed, making it a fantastic choice for the bedroom. Dark blues like navy conjure up images of deep oceans and quiet seasides, which are just right for helping you sleep at night. Dark colors also make great contrast walls by adding vibrance and dimension to your room.

Getting the Modern Farmhouse Look

One of the most popular styles in home decorating is the modern farmhouse, a chic take on simple home décor. If you’re looking to work with this style, navy is the perfect choice for adding a pop of color that feels more like a neutral.

Chocolate Brown

Warm, deep brown tones are also very relaxing, whether you use them in wall colors or wood tones around your room. If you decide to use different whites and navy, brown makes a fantastic accent color. It adds richness and warmth to what is otherwise a cool-toned palette.

We hope you’ve found this list of colors every primary bedroom should have to be helpful. If you’re looking for interior painting contractors in Atlanta, GA, reach out to Ashford Painting. We’d love to help with your next project and show you why clients have been choosing our services for over 10 years.

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