The Top 3 Benefits of Getting a New Paint Job

The idea of painting your home can sound tedious, especially if you don’t love moving furniture. However, taking the plunge and getting your home repainted can have a dramatically positive effect on your home satisfaction. It also makes selling your home a lot easier. Check out these top three benefits of getting a new paint job.

Change Colors, Change Your Mood

Researchers have known for a long time that we associate colors with different emotions. Green and blue make people feel relaxed, while orange and yellow energize us and signal our brains to wake up.

If you feel anxious or stressed in your home, the paint colors could be bothering you. People respond differently to colors based on their needs. For example, is the bedroom a place where you want to feel relaxed, or is it where you want to feel energized for the day?

Choose a paint color that makes you feel relaxed in any given space. Don’t base it on cultural assumptions—make your space suit your needs, not the other way around.

Personalize Your Home

Another benefit of getting a new paint job is that it prevents you from feeling like you don’t belong in your own home. This often happens to people living in apartments who can’t really decorate without a landlord’s permission.

The good thing about living in a home is that you can make your own decisions. If the previous owners had a style you don’t like, change it to take ownership of your home. Sometimes, life happens, and old decorations remind us of things we want to forget. In that case, give your home a facelift so it reflects the person you are now.

Attract Home Buyers

Selling your home is always a tricky business, regardless of how well the market is doing. One thing you can do to really impress potential buyers is make the space more neutral. A blank slate makes it easier for people to imagine their own furniture and decorations in your home, which increases interest.

Though it may be sad to cover up hand-picked paint colors, you’ll appreciate how a new paint job gets people more interested in your home. Once you move out, you can start painting the next one!

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