What To Expect When You Hire Exterior Painters in the Winter

While most people try to avoid painting their home and business exteriors in the winter, sometimes you can’t avoid it. Additionally, winter isn’t such a bad time for painting in cities like Atlanta, where the temperatures are usually above freezing. Still, you should learn what to expect when you hire exterior painters in the winter.

Scheduling Is Different

Depending on where you live, hiring a painting contractor may be harder or easier than it is in other seasons. If you live in a cold climate, it’s likely that most of the painters in your city take off for the winter since business is slow. You may have trouble finding one that’s still open.

However, winter in the South is usually milder than in other places. It’s rare that daytime temperatures are below freezing. This means that it’s probably easier to find painting companies that are still open; plus, they may have greater flexibility since it’s the off-season.

Weather Can Affect Paint

One thing to expect when you hire exterior painters in the winter is that you may have to cancel if the temperatures drop too low. Paint changes consistency at around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will take a long time to dry when it’s 50 degrees or below. If your paint job requires multiple coats, you could be waiting six hours or more for the paint to dry, which adds to the job labor cost.

Snow Can Affect Humidity

If there’s snow on the ground, it’s almost certainly too cold and too humid to paint. While cold air can keep paint from drying, moisture is another problem to watch out for. If there’s too much moisture in the air, the moisture in the paint won’t evaporate, and you’ll end up with warping.

If you need to hire exterior painters in Atlanta, GA, this winter, contact Ashford Painting. Exterior painting during the winter is challenging, but our experts know how weather, paint consistency, and humidity all work together. We can work with you to determine the best time for painting so that you end up with the results you want.

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