What Is the Best Season To Paint Your Business’ Exterior?

Updating the paint on a commercial building is a major investment that you want to do correctly the first time. Typically, commercial buildings are much larger than the average home, so there’s more money at stake if you end up having to do things over again.

Choosing the right season to have your building painted can make a world of difference in ensuring the job goes smoothly. Discover what season is best for painting your business’ exterior.

Why Does the Season Matter?

The season you choose for exterior paint jobs can have a huge impact on whether the paint dries or not. If the weather is too wet, painters may have to cancel their appointment, leaving you scrambling for another date. If it should rain a couple of days after your paint job, there’s still a chance that the paint might not finish drying. This can even happen with high humidity and no actual rain.

In addition to rain in the warmer months, there’s also snow and ice to worry about in the winter season. Any kind of moisture spells disaster for an exterior paint job, so you should be looking for a time to paint when things are fairly dry.

Painting in Spring and Summer

Most people like to do their exterior renovations in the spring and summer because the weather is nice. It also tends to be drier in late spring as opposed to early spring. However, since many people choose this time to update their exteriors, you may have to schedule several weeks or even months out to get an appointment.

Painting in the Fall

Here’s a little painting industry secret: the best season for painting your business’ exterior is the fall! Since most people choose the spring, there’s lower demand in the fall. Painting companies have more flexible schedules, and they may even cut you a deal since business tends to be slower. If it should rain on the day that the painters come out, there’s a better chance of getting a quick reschedule in the fall, too.

If you’re looking for commercial painting contractors in Atlanta, GA, give Ashford Painting a call. We’d love to help you update your building’s exterior. We also provide other services to help you spruce up your building, like pressure washing and wood staining.

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