4 Signs You’re Hiring a Good Painting Contractor

Whenever you hire a contractor to work on your home or building, you want to ensure that they have the skills for the task. After all, you wouldn’t want to put your property in the hands of people completely ill-equipped for the job. But you can feel safe after recognizing the four signs you’re hiring a good painting contractor.

They Have Good References

One sign of a painting contractor’s competency is that they will give you the names of references who can vouch for their work. Hopefully, those people are some of their most recent customers or partners and can swear by the contractor’s skills. If the contractor also features client testimonials on their website, you can feel even safer about hiring them.

They Answer Your Questions

Another sign you’re hiring a good painting contractor is that they answer your questions to your satisfaction. If they try to dodge difficult questions or come off as dishonest, it’s probably a good idea for you to look for help elsewhere. But if you get a contractor who answers your questions promptly and honestly, you might have found the right match for the job.

They Do Surface Work

You should pick a contractor who will do the right surface preparation work. This includes removing loose paint, power washing the surface, and applying primer to bare areas. Although some painters skip these vital steps, these tasks help ensure that the contractor’s work will last longer.

They Double-Check the Job

One last sign of a good painting contractor is that they will double-check the completed job before they do a final check with you. It’s a strong indicator that they want to ensure they have not missed any last issues before the final walkthrough. That way, they make a good final impression that could result in you hiring them again.

If you want to hire a commercial and residential painting contractor who will do the job right, give Ashford Painting a call. For over a decade, we have specialized in providing top-notch service as one of the top painting companies in Atlanta, Georgia. Our work will put you at ease and let you know you have chosen the right painting partner.

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