Top Interior Painting Mistakes To Avoid

Nothing is more frustrating than realizing—after you’ve dedicated time and money to painting—that you made a mistake. Painting isn’t always as easy as it seems, which leaves plenty of room for mishaps. Before you dive into a DIY paint job, check out these top interior painting mistakes to avoid.  

Skipping Prep Work  

Never jump right into painting without prepping the surface first. Remove old flaky or glossy paint before applying a fresh coat. Never skip out on cleaning your painting surface, either. Wash the walls and vacuum the baseboards to start with a clean slate.   

Not Using Painter’s Tape  

Painter’s tape will help prevent paint splatters, keep your edges straight, and avoid having to re-touch lines again. Not using painter’s tape can result in a sloppy job and requires more time to fix little mistakes.  

Not using painter’s tape is a common mistake. Masking tape or any other type of tape can leave residue or end up damaging the wall. Painter’s tape, on the other hand, will easily peel off with no problems.  

Forgetting About Primer  

A primer helps prepare your surface for paint, ensuring it sticks easily. Primer will also help show the paint’s true color and make painting over a dark color much easier. While some paints come with a two-in-one paint and primer, others will need a separate primer.   

Not Protecting the Rest of the Area  

Painting is a messy project. Even when you think you can contain it paint will still show up somewhere it’s not supposed to. Before breaking out the paint cans, cover or remove anything that isn’t being painted. Some areas you’ll want to cover include:  

  • Baseboards  
  • Electrical outlets  
  • Light fixtures  
  • Carpeting  
  • Furniture  

Using the Wrong Tools  

Having the right arsenal of tools at your disposal will make painting more manageable. Sometimes a roller is the best choice, whereas sometimes it’s better to use a paintbrush. Don’t simply stick to what you already have or use only the cheapest option; invest in the right brushes or rollers for the surface and paint you’re using.  

If you’re planning to handle your own interior painting, brush up on these top interior painting mistakes to avoid so you don’t end up with any costly mistakes on your hands. If you’d prefer to let the professionals handle the job, reach out to Ashford Painting to connect with a qualified interior painting contractor in Atlanta, GA

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