Top 2021 Interior Color Trends

Every year, new trends hit the design industry. Often, homeowners try to transform their homes according to the latest and greatest fads. In particular, interior color choices change, though some colors may bleed into the new year from the past. Here are the top 2021 interior color trends to keep in mind.


2021 is all about vibrant colors. In years past, neutral tones were all the rage, but this year, homeowners will be looking for a splash of color. No matter what you choose, you should know that deep and saturated hues are in. 

Jewel Tones

As the name suggests, jewel tones are colors you may see in jewels and gemstones. Sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and ruby red are all jewel tone paint colors. These hues are bold and add a strong sense of personality to a room. With such daring colors, jewel tones are bound to elicit plenty of positive associations for homeowners and visitors alike.

Neutral Tones

While neutral tones are the opposite of vibrant and jewel tones, they are a trend that persists nearly every year. If your walls aren’t painted a bold and bright color, you probably already have dynamic and interesting furniture and wall décor. Neutral walls like soft whites will complement flashy décor and colorful artwork.

Dark Accents

Colors like navy, black, and olive green will continue to be popular in 2021. These hues are great options for eye-catching accent walls that create a drastic contrast with other walls and furniture.

This year is the year to break out of traditional color palettes and try new, daring, and unique designs with the help of one of these 2021 interior color trends. Try a vibrant red in your living room. Or paint a white wall so that your blue suede couch pops. A dark bedroom accent wall will pair well with your bedroom furniture. No matter what trend catches your eye, Ashford Painting’s interior painting contractors in Atlanta, GA can bring your design dreams to life.