The Benefits of Hiring a Color Consultant

Choosing the right colors for your home is harder than it may look. What colors are in these days? What will match the rest of your home and décor? A lot of thought has to go into finding the right paint. Thankfully, color consultants are the perfect resource for choosing the right interior paint colors. Check out these benefits of hiring a color consultant for your next painting project.  

Saves You Time 

Scrolling through Pinterest boards and walking down aisles of color samples in hardware stores will eat up a lot of your free time. A color consultant will already have the research done to present you with the best color options from the start. Additionally, if you’re not sold on the first suggestions, your consultant will continue to search for the right colors, so you don’t have to.  

Get an Expert Opinion 

The most significant benefit of hiring a color consultant is receiving expert advice. Knowing the ins and outs of design, trends, and painting is a color consultant’s job. If you’re unfamiliar with what’s in style or aren’t sure how the lighting in your home will change how the color looks on your walls, the consultant will know all the answers. 

They’re Objective 

Making the final decision is one of the most challenging parts of choosing a color for your home’s interior. If you and the rest of your family can’t come to a unanimous decision, a color consultant is there to be the objective third party opinion you may need. They may even be able to offer a more neutral color everyone can agree on. 

Saves You Money 

While it may not seem like it at first, buying all those little paint samples and swatches can add up, especially if it’s taking you a while to find the perfect match. A color consultant will cut down on your need for excessive samples and swatches. They can also stop you from making a drastic color choice mistake that will prevent you from needing to repaint or find new matching décor. 

Tackling color choice on your own can be difficult, especially if you’re not a savvy interior design enthusiast. Interior painting companies in Atlanta, GA, such as Ashford Painting, can set you up with all your consulting and color needs to get your next interior makeover done.