Top Interior Office Colors That Boost Productivity

Choosing the right color for your office is a lot more challenging than it may seem. The typical rule of thumb is to follow your company’s branded colors. However, you should also pay attention to the emotions and feelings specific colors provoke, such as these top interior office colors that boost productivity. 


Blue is an intellectual color known to stimulate the mind. It’s an excellent color for offices where repetitive work occurs and where employees need to zero in and concentrate on challenging work. 


Yellow is a vibrant color vital to highly creative industries. It represents positivity, optimism, and confidence, which can all boost creativity. For heavily artistic industries such as graphic design, incorporating yellow into the office could motivate employees and get ideas flowing faster. 


Green provides balance and calm feelings. It’s a great color in offices that require people to work long hours or in spaces that need balance and stress relief, such as medical offices.  


Orange blends the benefits of red and yellow hues. Red often provokes a sense of urgency, and it’s ideal for physical jobs such as warehouse stocking and construction. However, in tandem with yellow to make orange, it can be a more calming tone that’s a mix of fun and productive urgency. 


Gray often represents neutrality. You’ll commonly see it used in offices attempting to look sleek or modern. On its own, however, it can be quite negative. Using gray as an accent to one of the other colors listed above is a safe way to add some neutrality to the intense emotions different colors can promote. 

The next time your business needs a new paint job, think about what emotions would help your office. If a calming sense will help your employees be more productive, a green shade is a smart choice. If your workplace is a fast and detail-heavy environment, try a blue hue. No matter which top interior office color for productivity you choose, reach out to Ashford Painting for top-of-the-line commercial painting in Atlanta, GA.