Top 2020 Interior Color Trends

Paint color is an important piece of the interior design puzzle. Often influenced by fashion trends, new color trends hit the home design market every year. Thankfully, painting your home is a quick and low-cost way to revamp your home to stay up to date with current times.

Grays have been a popular color scheme in recent years, but new colors are here to take the stage in 2020. Some of the top 2020 interior color trends include bringing back beiges, traditional blue, and a variety of greens.


The popularity of gray color schemes previously pushed beige out of interior color trends, but beiges are beginning to make a comeback. Beige colors with a hint of pink or blush undertones will create sophisticated and classic looks to match the interior design trend of soft and natural wood décor. More champagne-like shades of beige will perfectly match metallic and gold furniture pieces and décor as well.   

Black Is Back  

Lighter neutral colors such as white, gray, and beige were previously more common as neutral color trends in interior design, but black is now a popular neutral color choice as dark colors become more common. Various shades of blacks with green, blue, and violet undertones are becoming popular in accent walls and kitchen cabinetry.  

Shades of Green  

Various shades of green have become popular color trends. Organic green shades with blue or gray undertones as well as dark hunter green shades will be used quite often to match the organic and natural interior design look.   

Traditional Blues  

Traditional blues have been popular in recent years, and they’ll continue to trend into 2020. Navy, indigo, and light cool blues will trend this year and into the next, as blue shades often trend every year. Soft and traditional blues are dependable color schemes that match all sorts of interior design looks, from modern to contemporary.   

Happy Yellows  

Yellow will become a more popular interior paint color in 2020 and in the years to come as Generation Z grows older. Previous generations have used more traditional and neutral colors, but Generation Z isn’t afraid to add a pop of yellow or even orange to their interior design.   

Beiges, blacks, organic greens, traditional blues, and pops of yellow are a few of the top 2020 interior color trends to try in your home this year. Contact Ashford Painting to hire an interior painting contractor in Atlanta to upgrade your home with the newest color trends.

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