Tips To Prepare Your Company for Professional Painting

Repainting your business has many benefits, from increasing employee productivity to attracting new clients and improving your reputation. While repainting has many benefits, it can also be quite inconvenient if you don’t properly prepare. Follow these tips to prepare your company for professional painting services.  

Create A To-Do List  

There’s a lot to remember when preparing your company for painting. Creating an itemized list will help you stay on track and tie up all loose ends. Include notes on how much paint is needed, your budget, any repairs you’ll need to look at beforehand, and any other concerns you may want to address with the contractor.   

Handle Repairs Well in Advance  

If your building requires more than light surface repairs, don’t wait to get these fixed. Repair any extensive interior or exterior damage before the paint crew arrives so your project timeline doesn’t get pushed back. This will also make the job easier for painting professionals.   

Have Your Color Scheme Ready  

Choosing colors for your business is a prominent commitment that owners often overlook. The colors you choose will represent your business and be a big part of your company’s visual aesthetic. Using your business’s logo colors is usually a smart choice. Although, make sure the shades and colors you choose won’t be overbearing or too bland.   

Inform Employees, Customers, and Neighbors  

Everyone that may be impacted by the painting project should get notice well in advance. Employees may need to change meetings around or plan to work from home. In a client-facing business, customers will need to know if there’s a day they can’t visit your business. Neighboring companies should also be given notice to accommodate their customers and prepare for extra foot traffic from painters and potential dust accumulation.   

Get Your Exterior or Interior Ready  

No matter where the painting is taking place, you’ll want the area to be ready for painting when the painters arrive. Clear away stray landscaping and anything else that might get in the painters’ way outdoors. For interior painting, remove anything hanging on the walls, and push the furniture to the room’s center for safekeeping. Make sure each piece of furniture has plastic covers to avoid getting covered in paint.   

Take these tips to prepare your company for professional painting into consideration next time your business needs a new paint job. If your company is ready for a fresh coat of paint, reach out to Ashford Painting for painting contractors in Atlanta, GA

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