How Painting Your Home Increases Its Value

Getting the best price for your home is all about taking care of the little details, such as updating your home’s exterior and interior paint. Painting might seem like an easy fix for buyers to make, but a fresh coat of paint takes one less thing off the buyer’s list of to-dos and adds some extra dollar signs to your asking price. Here’s exactly how painting your home increases its value. 

Curb Appeal 

The first thing potential buyers are going to notice about your home is its exterior. You don’t want buyers pulling up to an open house or private showing and immediately frowning at the exterior conditions. Sunlight, heavy rainfall, and extremely cold temperatures can all do some serious damage to your home’s paint, causing cracks, fading, and chipping. Even if your home is in great shape, an old paint job may signal otherwise. A new coat of paint shows homebuyers you’ve stayed on top of home maintenance and adds an extra wow factor.  

The Interior 

Old, scuffed, worn-down, or chipped paint on the walls signals your home has been through some wear and tear. However, new paint can make your home look brand-new again. Choosing to paint the inside of your home a single neutral color throughout gives homebuyers a fresh, clean slate to imagine themselves in the space. It also takes away the worry of having to invest in their own painting endeavors to get rid of paint that looks outdated or that’s simply too bold for them.

Repainting your interior can also transform your space for the better. You can paint small, darker rooms to feel lighter and more open, or you can give an older home a more modern look with a bright new color.  

There’s plenty of examples of how repainting your home increases its value. Adding to your home’s curb appeal, eliminating extra work for the homebuyers, and transforming outdated or worn-down features will make your home far more valuable to potential buyers. If you’re looking to sell your house at an increased value, check out Ashford Painting’s residential painting in Atlanta, GA.

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