Interior Paint Colors That Can Affect Your Mood

When you paint your home’s interior, choosing the appropriate hue for each room is critical. You should pick colors that look good and positively affect your mood as you sit in the rooms. Learn below about interior paint colors that can affect your mood so you make better home improvement decisions.

Yellow, Orange, and Red

No one wants to feel uncomfortable in their home. They want to feel like they are in a safe place that will make them happy, and it doesn’t hurt if they feel a little bit energized. Updating your interiors with a yellow, orange, or red coat of paint helps you do that.

Yellow can make you more cheerful as you sit in your space, while red can give you some liveliness and enthusiasm. When you put red and yellow together, you get orange, which can offer you a combination of the two moods. It will make your room feel welcoming and vibrant.

Blue and Green

If you find yourself searching for interior paint colors that can affect your mood so that you will be calmer, go with a blue or green hue. Both evoke the feeling of being outside. For example, light blue can give you that same peaceful feeling you have as you look up at the sky.

Meanwhile, green will remind you of a forest landscape. This will allow you to feel less anxiety and more at ease as you sit at home.

White and Grey

You may want to look at neutrals, such as white and gray, for your interiors. If used correctly, white can create a clean look in your home. But if you use a shade of white that is too stark, it may prompt people to feel nervous, which you don’t want.

Certain greys, however, can have the opposite effect. They can make you feel more comfortable while adding a touch of sophistication.

If you need interior painters in Atlanta, GA, who can help you set the right mood for your rooms, contact Ashford Painting. We have a staff of professionals who will work with you to achieve your goals in your home.

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