Best Paint Colors To Use for East-Facing Rooms

When you paint a room in your house a certain color, the natural sunlight that pours in from your windows can affect its appearance. This affect is particularly true for rooms with east-facing light. However, you can still have the colorful room of your dreams by learning about the best paint colors to use for east-facing rooms.

How Does Sunlight Affect East-Facing Rooms?

Before discussing which colors you should use for east-facing rooms, it’s important to know why the sunlight affects the rooms. During the morning, these rooms receive direct, warm sunlight. You’ll notice many shadows appear as the sun rises.

Throughout the morning, the sunlight should become whiter and brighter. The light’s intensity may fade your colors or even make them look brighter. But in the afternoon and evening hours, the lighting will become bluer and make your room feel much cooler.

How Should I Choose the Right Colors?

Considering how often you use the rooms throughout the day is important when choosing the best paint colors to use for east-facing rooms. For example, if you spend most of your time in the room in the morning, you might want to choose a hue that does not feel too warm or cool so the room does not get unbearably warm because of the light.

But if you spend more time there in the afternoon, try to avoid colors that are too white or have a high reflective value since they may quickly fade. If you often use that room during the evenings, try going with a warmer color since it will have a good balance with cool lighting.

What Are the Best Paint Colors?

Blues and greens are great for your east-facing room. Warm tones of these colors can help make the room more inviting during the day, and cooler ones can help create a more calming feeling at night.

However, if this is a space that you primarily use in the early mornings, try using some shades of yellow. This color will give you a sense of freshness and brightness and create positive energy, making it a great place to start the day.

If you spend your afternoons in this space, try using a neutral hue. These colors have a timeless look and can lighten things up even if you start to see more shadows in the afternoon.

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