Maintenance Tips To Extend the Life of Your Paint Job

After you have the interior and exterior of your house painted, it’s only natural that you would want it to last as long as it can. You can take some simple actions to ensure that happens. Read below for several maintenance tips to extend the life of your paint job.

Wash Your Walls

One action you should take is to wash the walls of the interior and the exterior of your home. That will help keep the paint looking like new. However, how you wash these areas of your home will differ.

For your interiors, use a sponge and a nonabrasive soap. But if you clean your exteriors, use a hose, brush, and a similar cleaner. When at least five years have passed since you had the home painted, try using a pressure washer on the exterior to effectively remove any thick layers of dirt that have accumulated.  

Keep an Eye Out for Mold

Watching for mold in areas of high moisture is another good maintenance tip to extend the life of your paint job. Mold can hurt your paint and even damage your home’s walls over time. If you do spot mold on your walls, it is best to act immediately and use a mixture of bleach and water to remove it.

Keep yourself safe by putting on a mask so you do not inhale the mold as well as goggles that will prevent it from entering your eyes. You should also wear gloves that will protect your hands. You’ll preserve your home and your health at the same time.

Fix Minor Issues

As time passes, your interior and exterior might undergo minor issues where they will experience slight stains or even chips. You can remove stains by keeping some of the same paint on hand and doing some brief repainting.

If you experience chips, make sure you remove the flaking paint. You will also likely have to sand and patch the area where this is happening on your interiors. After you use a primer on the area, you should be able to use the spare paint to blend it in with the rest of your walls.

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