Steps You Can Take To Prepare Your House for Painting

A professional contractor repainting your home is exciting. You’ll finally be able to add new life and colors to your walls. There are several steps to take to prepare your house for painting before your contractors arrive so you can make their jobs a lot easier.

Clear and Clean Your Interior Walls

Clearing your interior is one step you can take before the contractors start painting. Take down any pictures, framed artwork, clocks, or other decorations and put them into storage. This step means less work for your painters and eliminates the possibility that your decorations will experience damage during the painting process.

You also should wash your interior walls to remove dirt or dust before the painters arrive. Doing so will immensely help the contractors do their job.

Relocate Items and Cover Your Furniture

Another step you can take to prepare your house for painting is to move furniture out of the rooms the contractors will work in. Try to remove any small pieces of furniture, rugs, appliances, and electrical devices, such as your television or gaming unit.

Moving larger items, such as your chair or couch, may be harder, so relocate those to the center of the room and cover them up with sheets or a large cloth. This will prevent them from accumulating paint splatter and give the painters more room to work.

Wash Your Exteriors and Remove Loose Paint

If the painters will work on your home’s exterior, you should give it a good cleaning before they arrive. Use a pressure washer to remove the dirt or grime that has built up over time. After the outside walls have dried, use a scraper or a putty knife to remove any loose paint flaking off.

Make Repairs and Use Drop Cloths

You should also look for any parts of the exterior walls that may need repairs, such as holes or areas that must be re-caulked. Give these surfaces enough time to dry before the painters arrive.

Like the interior of your home, you should set out coverings, so put plant-safe drop cloths over your landscaping to protect it from the paint. Cover areas of your deck to protect its paint job.

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