Should Exterior and Interior Paint Colors Match?

You have a lot of important decisions to make when repainting your home. You will have to choose colors that are best for your property and must decide whether your exterior and interior paint colors should match. Read below for the various reasons why these colors should or shouldn’t match.

Why They Should Match

One of the biggest reasons why you should have matching colors in the interior and exterior of your home is that it helps establish a good flow between the two areas. If you have different colors on the inside and outside, the contrast can create an unsettling effect caused by the clashing of two colors.

If you use the same color for both purposes, you will create better consistency between the indoors and the outdoors. This will make it easier for guests to adapt to their surroundings when they visit your property and make the selling process easier if you decide to move someday.

Why They Shouldn’t Match

There are also some very good reasons why you should not use the same colors on your home’s exterior and its interiors. For one thing, while the hues on the exterior of your house make it more attractive and build curb appeal, those same colors may seem too over-the-top in your interiors, which you want to be more relaxing.

People also often use exterior colors to complement their home’s exterior features, such as landscaping or brickwork. Because of this, what works on your outside may feel out of place on your inside.

What Should You Do?

Deciding whether your exterior and interior paint colors should match ultimately depends on your house. Each home is unique, so what you find works in one home may fail in another. The right choice depends on your own personal situation and what you think looks right.

When searching for exterior painters in Atlanta, GA, to help you find the right colors that match or set themselves apart from your interiors, contact Ashford Painting. We have helped clients create the right look for their living spaces and are ready to help you!

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