Why You Should Choose Paint Over Wallpaper

Avoid giving yourself future design regrets by weighing all your creative ideas before making changes. One of the most debated design choices people face when adding color to a room is whether they should use paint or wallpaper. Both forms offer plenty of pros and cons, but here are some reasons why you should choose paint over wallpaper.

Faster Wall Prep

Paint prep doesn’t require you to take as many steps or use as much equipment as plastering paper. Painters don’t have to use any adhesive in the painting process or spend time smoothing out air bubbles. Plus, if people make mistakes while painting, they can effortlessly repaint or wipe away the mishap.

Flexible Future

Wallpaper requires you to make a long-term commitment. Once you’ve picked a pattern, that pattern stays with you until you take it down. If you outgrow the design or color, repainting is more straightforward than replacing wallpaper. Paint gives you the flexibility to change your mind in the future.

Withstand Various Environments

Certain rooms within a house create different climate conditions. Kitchens tend to generate a warmer atmosphere than other areas in your home due to the heat that cooking processes and appliances emit. Humidity warps the wallpaper and weakens the adhesive, causing it to peel. Paint withstands all environmental climates and works well in any space.

Easier Touch-Ups

Marks can easily appear on walls, especially when you have children, pets, and furniture. If scuffing occurs on a painted wall, you or our interior painting contractors in Atlanta can do a touch-up with ease. Paint also offers a better base for people to clean due to its resistance to water and various cleaning products compared to wall coverings.

Painted walls set the tone of any room. They either make a statement with a bold color or create a foundation for other interior features. Paint also gives you the creative freedom to make more artistic judgments and unique designs, ranging from the vividness of color to the detail of adornments. Meanwhile, wallpapers come preprinted, offering multiple people identical prints. After considering all the reasons why you should choose paint over wallpaper, the next step for you to take is selecting the perfect color for your room.

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