Why Scheduling Is Important for Your Residential Paint Job

The new year is an ideal time for transition and change. Like people, homes and properties need the occasional refresher to spruce up their appearance. While some homeowners prefer to DIY their way through the process, others seek help from experts to achieve their desired look.

However, planning for the paint job is just as vital as going through the procedure itself! Here’s why scheduling is important for your residential paint job.

Contractor Availability

While most companies operate year-round, some workloads are lighter in the winter season. Contractors with lesser workloads may have increased availability, making them more available to travel to your home.

Your Schedule

A homeowner running on a different schedule is entirely understandable. Launching a residential paint project can be challenging between appointments, errands, and other responsibilities. Luckily, you can plan ahead during those times when you have more downtime.


Pricing is significantly dependent on when you schedule your paint job. In the summer, many homeowners rush to their phones, searching for contractors to work on their residences, thus prompting companies to increase prices. However, winter is part of the off-season for painting, so scheduling around this time could help you save a bit.

Fresh Starts

Fresh starts are quintessential to the new year! While you’re decluttering, deep cleaning, and donating, why not get your painting done too? A fresh layer of paint inside your home can significantly transform the space and prompt you to view your lovely home from a new angle.

Plan To Sell

Initiating a paint job is also vital when planning to sell your home. While interior improvements help stage your home for expected visitors, exterior projects help boost curb appeal and encourage potential buyers to walk through the door.

Scheduling is important for your residential paint job, especially when you’re looking for the best overall experience. At Ashford Painting, our professionals aim to deliver satisfactory services to help your home achieve its maximum aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking for quality residential painting in Atlanta, GA, consider giving us a call. It would be our pleasure to assist you!

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