Top Interior Paint Colors To Help Reduce Stress

Your home is your haven, so it can often reflect your mood. And believe it or not, color can have a direct physiological impact on the mind! Given this, it would only make sense to surround yourself with colors that promote relaxation, happiness, and calmness. So what can you do to showcase those good vibes? Read on for some of the top interior paint colors to help reduce stress.


Many consider gray a muted and bland color, but it can relax your mood. It’s a neutral color that can easily pair with various accent colors and palettes to create a well-balanced interior theme.


Whites can be soothing. However, the chosen tone can cause different reactions and moods in a person. Selecting a tone that’s too bright can make you feel like you’re paying a visit to your doctor, while a dull tone can bring you down.

A bone-white color provides the perfect balance of brightness and warmth that can reduce stress levels.


Considered the most soothing color, blue represents calm, peace, and tranquility. It is a classic color in painting and decorating homes, and it’s the best color to use in the bedroom if you’re trying to get better sleep. When you’re painting your home, use delicate tones since a brighter tone can be clashing.


Green paint can invite harmony and alleviate anxiety. It’s a soft and comforting color representative of nature and the outdoors. Most shades of green work well when you’re painting your home; however, lighter hues promote better relaxation.


Softer than its red and orange counterpart, yellow is a color that symbolizes happiness and sunshine. A soft, pastel yellow is a perfect choice to boost your spirits, improve your mood, and combat stress!


A combination of red and white, pink represents love, affection, and harmony. A soft pastel paint shade can add a playful element to any room! Consider choosing a light and airy shade instead of one with too much red, as red can be overstimulating and aggressive.


Similar to blue for its base color, violet is another tremendous stress-alleviating choice! However, you’ll want to stay away from dark shades of violet; stick to lilac or lavender tones to promote grace, balance, and peace.

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