How Often Should You Touch-Up Your Paint Job

As with many things in life, time does some wear and tear to your home. Paint fades, cracks, and gains numerous scuff marks as years pass. Getting a paint touch-up revives your home with fresh coats and brighter colors, transforming your home back into its prime. But, how much time should you let pass before touching up your paint jobs?

Exterior Paint Jobs

Exterior walls endure a lot of the brunt force from various external factors. They hold out against storms, the intense searing rays of the sun, bird droppings, humidity, brushes with thrown debris, and many more influences. Typically, with a successful initial paint job, you should schedule an exterior touch-up every five to ten years.

Interior Paint Jobs

Although your home’s interior avoids nature’s wrath, it still encounters a range of wear and tear. Numerous factors affect the frequency of your indoor touch-ups, from living with children to home design. On average, you should wait around every seven years before livening up your walls again with interior touch-ups. However, depending on your lifestyle and various other factors, sometimes it’s better to touch up the walls as frequently as every three years to as infrequently as every 10 years.

Factors That Affect Touch-Ups

As mentioned previously, various factors play into your home’s need for a touch-up. Aside from external influences like the weather, scratches from moving furniture, and scuff marks, the type of paint used also affects the frequency of getting fresh coats of color for your walls. Numerous paint mixtures include a mix of different properties and sealants. They offer water, UV, humidity, and abrasion-resistant mixtures. These improve your paint’s durability and lifespan. Some paints also include certain formulations that increase their quality, further making your paint last longer.

Ashford Painting offers numerous painting companies in Atlanta, Georgia, equipped with professionals who can help you decide when your home needs a touch-up and complete the job. Knowing when and how often you should touch up your paint jobs ensures your home stays looking fresh and in its prime for many more years to come. Plus, coming home to a freshly painted house brimming with beauty always puts a smile on the face.

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