How House Painting Practices Changed Over Time: A Brief Look

Throughout history, people have applied paint to their home’s walls for decorative and practical reasons. Discover how house painting practices have changed over time in this brief look. The evolution of these techniques helped make painting large structures easier and more convenient.

The Start of the Industry

Tens of thousands of years ago, cave dwellers became the first-known house painters. They used natural pigments with ingredients that included animal fat, charcoal, and dirt to create stunning, long-lasting cave paintings. These ancient paints proved incredibly durable, with approximately 400 sites exhibiting their marks centuries later.

Over time, different cultures made advancements with the types of paints and techniques they used. For example, the Egyptians utilized gypsum for paint on their walls and relied on resin and egg tempera for bonding agents.

Another example was in Greece when the Minoans created the method of painting on plaster when it was still wet. This technique established the fresco painting style. The Greeks also discovered the beauty of using white paint since it helped their stone homes become much cooler during warm temperatures.

The Rise of the Industry

Although people took commissions to add new color to residences, professional house painting officially emerged in the early 1200s. In 14th century England, the country saw the wide formation of guilds for house painters.

At the time of the 18th century, the industry saw the launch of a paint mill in Boston. This operation produced paints by smashing pigments with granite.

The Innovations That Changed the Industry

Things changed dramatically during the Industrial Revolution with the manufacture of ready-made paints. These were easier to obtain, more affordable, and provided a far more consistent finish than homemade paint mixtures. As a result, house painting became a more accessible and pervasive practice.

Another significant development that contributed to how house painting practices changed over time was the invention of the paint roller in 1940. Richard C. Adams invented the tool, adding convenience to an industry that relied on brushes to paint homes.

House painting practices have come a long way from their humble beginnings as simple cave decorations. Contact Ashford Painting if you want to hire a residential painting company in Atlanta that continues to advance and stay current with industry changes. We handle all our projects with professionalism while ensuring your satisfaction.

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