Can Your Homeowners' Association Make You Paint Your House?

As a homeowner, you may think your house is the perfect color, but your homeowners’ association may disagree. People have found themselves in situations where their association sends them a letter telling them they must paint the exterior of their house a different color. This situation has left people asking, “Can your homeowners’ association make you paint your house?” Read for the answers below.

How Much Power Does the Association Have?

First, defining how much control your homeowners’ association has over your home is essential. The association creates and enforces rules for a neighborhood or subdivision. It also operates as a legal entity and works to maintain local property values.

Its status allows it to dictate the appearance of the community. So, under these rules, your homeowners’ association can make you paint your house. If you receive a letter from them with these instructions, it is best to pay attention to it and reach out to the association or contact painting contractors so you can get estimates.

What Will Happen if I Ignore the Letter?

If you do not paint your exterior the specified color, you may have to pay a fine for not complying. If you paint your house with a color that the association doesn’t approve of, it may impose a penalty and force you to repaint it. Although you may find the process frustrating, you should ensure that you align with the rules.

What Should I Look for in a Painting Contractor?

When hiring a residential painter, your association may have a list of contractors to choose from. If they are more flexible in letting you choose your own, look for licensed contractors who also meet the association’s other requirements. You’ll satisfy the association and easily avoid unnecessary errors that can cost you time and money.

If you are looking for licensed residential painters in Atlanta, Georgia, to repaint your home, contact us at Ashford Painting. Our experts have helped many of our clients meet the mandates of their homeowners’ associations. We’re ready to help you through this process!

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