5 Important Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractors

You want to ensure you can trust the people you hire to come into your home or business to repaint your interiors. You can find a trustworthy provider by learning these five important questions to ask your painting contractors.

Do You Have Any References?

It is usually a good sign when a painting contractor is forthcoming with a list of references you can contact. Make sure that you contact them and ask them what about the contractor’s service and team made them so happy with their work.

You should even ask the company to provide you with a portfolio of their recent work.

What Does Your Insurance Cover?

Another important question to ask your painting contractor is what their insurance covers. It should cover damage to your property and protect you from liability if any of the contractor’s workers experience injuries during the job. It is best to move on if they have neither, or you may regret it when you must pay extra costs.

What Preparation Will You Need To Do?

The painting contractor will do more than just paint when they arrive at your home or office. They will likely need to scrape the walls to remove old paint or repair drywall.

Ask them if they will cover up your property to prevent it from being damaged or if you must do it yourself. Don’t forget to ask them whether they will clean up afterward, or you might find you have some additional work you did not expect to do.

What Safety Precautions Do You Take?

Accidents can happen during the painting process if your contractor does not do their job cautiously. Ask about the safety processes that they use so you can ensure they will do their job with care. Reckless work can result in someone experiencing an injury or damage to your property.

What Paints Will You Use?

It is also wise to ask what paints your contractor will use on your interiors. Premium grades of paint will be far more durable and have a much better appearance.

Others will not be so resistant to damage and may even have more of a tendency to crack due to their inability to bond to your walls. Make sure your contractor is using high-quality paint that will allow you to get the best results.

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