5 Great Paint Colors for Finished Basements

You will likely focus on painting your living room and bedrooms when you move into a new house but give little thought to the basement. However, you can use plenty of colors to make this room just as comfortable as those upper-level spaces. Discover five great paint colors for finished basements.

Bright White

Try using bright white on your finished basement’s walls to make it feel more well-lit. Light will reflect well off this paint color, which will make this room seem even bigger than it is. It will also make it a much better space for you to work or spend time with guests when they visit.


Try using red on the walls if you want to go to your basement and feel instantly revitalized. This crimson hue has a reputation for energizing people and can be a great color for a space where you or your kids can play games and entertain company. Going with red will certainly make the room pop.

Light Blue

On the other hand, you may want to create a more relaxing space where you can blow off steam after working hard. Light blue is a great paint color for a finished basement in this case. The blue hue will have a much more soothing effect, making you feel at ease as you take your mind off things.


Consider adding yellow if you wish to add a color to your finished basement that will lighten up the space and give it a warm feeling. A yellow hue can increase the power of the light in your room. It may even energize you as you sit and unwind.


Another hue you can consider is green, which can have varying effects depending on the shade. For example, a dark green will make your basement feel like a more comfortable space to unwind. A lighter one can also add to the effects of sunlight as it pours in from the windows.

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