4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Painter

Having your business painted can be a very exciting process. But it also requires you to make some important decisions, including what painting contractor to hire. Fortunately, you can choose the right provider with these four questions to ask before hiring a commercial painter.

Do You Have Insurance?

One of the most important questions you should ask a painter is whether they have insurance. If they don’t, that may be a major problem for you.

They should have insurance to cover any damage they may do to your property and prevent you from being liable if an employee suffers an injury at your location. Ask them to provide proof of this insurance so that you can feel more secure when hiring them.

Do You Have Any References?

Another question to ask before hiring a commercial painter is if they have references. Try to get a mix of customers from older and newer projects so that you can ask them how the paint job has lasted over time. If the painters aren’t forthcoming with contacts or end up giving you the names of people who happen to be their relatives or friends, that’s a good sign that you need to look elsewhere.

What Materials Will You Use?

It’s also wise to ask contractors what materials they’ll use in your location. These choices can affect how the coating looks and how long it lasts. Knowing the paint brand they’re planning on using can also help you select the right colors for your facility.

Do You Have a Safety Program?

You should ask painting contractors if they have a safety program and comply with OSHA standards. After all, you want your employees to feel safe as these people work.

A safety program will also lower the risks of damage to your company’s property and ensure the contractors complete the project on time. If it doesn’t seem like the contractor you’re talking to takes safety seriously, you need to find another contractor.

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